Obedience Training

Obedience training your dog is an incredibly rewarding experience. It creates a deeper bond, a more rewarding relationship and ultimately, a stress free environment. As you become aware of how your dog learns, you will be amazed at the communication that you and your dog develop. Your training will build your dog’s trust and cooperation. A well trained dog will enhance your life.

If you are unable to attend an obedience class, there are other ways we can help. We will train your dog for you, either on a daily or weekly basis. Check out our Day School and Boarding School options. We also offer Private Lessons if that is more appropriate for you and your pet.

No matter what your goal – a pleasant walk through the neighborhood, a romp on the beach, a visit to a nursing home, or to earn competitive obedience titles, we are here to help. It’s never too late to start.

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More InfoPuppy Class

Let us help you get off to the right start. We will not only introduce your puppy to a dozen commands, we will also help you with any behavioral problems that you are encountering such as jumping up on people, playful nipping and barking.

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More InfoBeginner Class

It’s time to have a dog that you enjoy. In order to do so he needs to come when he’s called, stay in one place when asked, walk politely on a leash, and treat your house guests with respect. We will start there and accomplish so much more!

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More InfoAdvanced Beginner

This class is a continuation of the Beginner Class. We will continue to emphasize off-leash control as well as introduce your dogs to heeling and jumping exercises.

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More InfoCompetition

Did you know there was a sport called “Dog Obedience?” We teach all levels of obedience skills to future competitors. Call for a schedule so that you can stop by and watch what all dogs can learn to do.

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Classes will begin soon! Check back for more details.

For the class schedule, check out the current Newsletter or call 864-862-8626.