Upcoming Agility Classes

We are pleased to announce -
Starting August 8, Tim Tedrow will be teaching Agility Classes.
Tim will be teaching a series of 4 classes to prepare teams for Novice level agility.

New classes start in August and September!

Beginner 101 – Sept 5: 7:00 pm

  • Introduction to Weaves, Tunnel, Dog Walk, Table, Multiple Jumps and A-Frame.
  • Develop skills for 2 on 2 off contacts, start line stays, coming to hand.
  • Handlers will learn training techniques for practicing outside of class

Beginner 102 – August 8: 7:00 pm

  • Introduction to Teeter, Double Jump, Triple Jump, Tire Jump.
  • Continue developing skills for Weaves, Tunnel, Table, Dog walk, and A-Frame.
  • Introduce Front Cross, Rear Cross and Blind Cross.
  • Handlers will learn training techniques for practicing outside of class

Intermediate 201 – August 8: 8:15 pm

  • Continued development of obstacles with emphasis on Weaves and Teeter.
  • Increase the height of Jumps, Dog Walk, Table and A-Frame.
  • Learn handling techniques for each team. Speed of team, Size of dog and Drive.

Intermediate 202 – August 8: 8:15 pm

  • Teams should be able to perform all obstacles. Will work with each team on any individual issues
  • Teams should be at full height of Jumps, Dog Walk, Table and A-Frame.
  • Agility trial information: Entering, Classes, Walking the course, Doing the run, Evaluating the run.
  • Run Novice level courses.

In addition to classes: Tim Tedrow and Roxanne Bush will be offering “Drop in Training”
Drop in training will consist of courses for Novice, Open and Excellent levels, course maps, walk thru instruction, and run evaluations by the instructor. Runs will not be timed and retries will be allowed. Each team should get 2 or 3 runs. The cost for each team is $20.00

Tuesday mornings with Roxanne
August 6
August 20

Saturday mornings with Tim
August 17
August 31

Please call Tracy for starting times - and to register for the Drop In Training! 864-862-8626.

It is with sadness, but great appreciation that we bid farewell to Jill Leake, who tirelessly started an agility program at DTW. We offer our thanks for all her hard work and dedication. The Greenville agility community is better off because of her efforts here!