Upcoming Obedience Classes

Advanced Classes start Tuesday, Aug 6, 2019
The Advanced Classes will be conducted in 8 week terms

The class fee is $160 – Multi-dog discount $150.00/class

Tuesday @ 11:00 am
Tuesday @ 6:00 pm
For dogs that are learning the heeling, jumping and retrieving exercises. This class will practice the skills needed to compete in Novice and Open obedience classes.

Tuesday @ 12:00 pm
Tuesday @7:00 pm
This class is designed for dogs that are perfecting the Open exercises and learning the Utility exercises.

Utility and Beyond
Tuesday @ 1:00 pm
Tuesday @ 8:00 pm
This class is for dogs that are concentrating on perfecting their skills for the Utility class and/or dogs that are competing in both Open & Utility.