I have always said the dog community may be small but the passion for others is exceptional. I consider my dog society just an extension of my family. Whether it’s a lending hand, a hug at the show, a welfare check, maybe a training date or just a text to say hi, it’s just what we do. With that thought, I reached out to Chase Hunter for an update on Monica and he was happy to share this note to pass on.

“Monica remains at Brookdale in Greenville. She is comfortable and pretty happy.  She has a group of friends she eats with and takes walks on the property with.  They have all kinds of parties and activities going on daily. Her short term memory is not good, but she remembers most everything I ever did not to her liking.  She comes home for long weekends and we celebrated Christmas with Chase and Andrea in Greenville.  I know she thinks she would be fine here at home, misses the dogs , but there is no way I could be comfortable unless she had full time help.  Unfortunately, that means she would be stuck here with no social life, and no activities to keep her mentally active.  The caregivers say she would end up regressing under those conditions.  She recognizes her old friends and their dogs.  Frequently she will fail to answer her phone or loses it. It’s worth trying a call around 8:00 am or early evening if you’d like to call.  Her cell is 864 367 4545.  There is no facility phone in her room so we rely on her cell. “

If you would like to visit or drop Monica a card, the address is:

Brookdale Greenville
Monica Hunter, Room 363
1306 Pelham Road
Greenville, SC 29615

Do you remember George and Mary Ellen Moyse? A few years ago, Mary Ellen had just started showing her Golden Retriever, Nina, in Utility A at the Greenville Convention Center trials . Unfortunately, Mary Ellen fell at ring side, breaking her hip. The dog show community pulled together and found a Utility A handler, articles and last minute instructions for Nina while her owner was getting whisked away in an ambulance. Since then, Mary Ellen, who is now in her late 70’s  has had a string of bad luck with her health. The hip joint was defective and had to be replaced, then she fell and broke her other leg, then getting an infection and a pacemaker…whew! Mary Ellen is tough and her husband, George, is still right by her side. While Nina has since retired with her UDX, the younger Golden, Jesse is studying for his turn at a UD. Both George and Mary Ellen care deeply about their breed and love for the obedience community. Now, what is really significant here is Monica Hunter was that Utility A handler for Mary Ellen when she fell on that day.

If you would like to visit Mary Ellen, she is at Hitchcock Place in Aiken SC, she is in Room 125. If you would like to send her a card, you may mail it to her home address: Mary Ellen Moyse, 5247 Belle Mead Drive, Aiken SC 29803-8784