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Puppy Obedience
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Puppy Obedience: A 6-Month-Old Beagle Learning Obedience Skills

I started publishing videos of my Labrador Retriever puppy, Nathan several years ago. Nathan is now a full-grown dog. He received his Utility title this year. As of this writing, I am having fun competing with him in the field and the obedience ring.

I remember those early days when Nate was a puppy. I had this wild idea about introducing him to every obedience exercise before he was 6-months of age. This experiment was either going to provide Nate with a head start on an obedience career or just be a lot of fun.

The experiment was a success. Nate and I both learned a lot. I had completely underestimated the ability of young puppies to acquire foundation skills. Nate learned the basic skills necessary for heeling, jumping, retrieving, scent discrimination and field work.

Shortly after I’d started this experiment, my friend, Karlene brought home a new Beagle Puppy, Deuce. Karlene was excited about what I had done with Nate, and she didn’t believe the naysayers who claimed she had a “non-traditional” breed and shouldn’t expect as much from Deuce as I had from Nate.

Deuce is a poster puppy for what a motivated owner can teach a puppy if they start the day they bring their puppy home. Here’s a video of Deuce at 5 months of age. In this video, Deuce is being introduced to directed jumping, retrieving, scent discrimination among other obedience skills. In another video of Deuce at 7 months of age, you will see how quickly his skills have improved.

There are very few digital products available for people that want to get their next obedience puppy started. Karlene inspired me to gather my videos and share what I had learned from my experiment with Nate.

The Performance Puppy Primer provides a progression of skills for your performance puppy. Your new puppy will be introduced to heeling, retrieving, scent discrimination, jumping, go-outs and, field skills. It includes written text and videos of Connie working with her puppy, Nate.

If you’d like to receive regular training tips from Connie, please sign up for the free Digital Obedience Guide, Tricks That Transition Into Obedience Exercises