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Boarding School at Dog Trainers Workshop

Boarding School Application

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Dog Profile
Dog's Name* 

Date of Birth* (Must be 16 weeks old)

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Veterinarian Contact Information

Vaccine: Please bring verification from your veterinarian for
 Kennel Cough
Please list any commands your dog already knows

Dog's Behavior
Please check any of the problems below that you are having with your dog:
 Pulling on leash
 Bolting through doors or gates
 Jumping on counters
 Fearful of strangers or new situations
 Jumping on people
 Over-excitable around other dogs
 Does not come when called
 Chases cats & small animals
 Mouthing on people
 Has your dog ever intimidated you
 Has your dog ever intimidated another dog
 Crate Training
If you chose Intimidation, please explain in detail

Dog's Home Life
Where did you acquire this dog and how long ago?
Approximately how old was your dog when you got him/her?
Who is the person primarily responsible for his/her care (feeding, exercise, etc.)?
How many adults and children live in your household? Please list ages of children
How many other dogs and/or cats are in your home?
Do You have a fenced yard?
Do you have an underground fence system?
What type of collar does your dog normally wear?
 Buckle   Choke Chain   Prong Collar   Electric Collar   Harness   Martingale    Other

If Other, please explain:
Where and how is the dog confined when you are not at home and/or unable to supervise him/her?

Does your dog stay in a crate?
If so, for how long each day
Have you ever thought your dog might bite you, another person or another dog?

If so, please explain in detail
Has this dog ever attended an obedience class at Dog Trainers Workshop?

If so, which class and approximately when
Has this dog ever attended an obedience class at another location?

If so, about how long ago