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Boarding Request Form

Apply for Our Boarding School

Our boarding school is the perfect way to train your pup without any distractions. Our trainers are experts at what they do and will have your dog trained to learn basic commands within the week(s) he/she stays with us.

We look forward to help you with your dog, please take a minute to answer these questions. It will help us personalize training for you and your dog.

Owner Information

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While your pet is staying with us, we will work on walking on a loose leash, sit, down, stay, come when called, place, not jumping on people, and good manners at the door. How can we make this dog more enjoyable for you?
If you have three major complaints about your dog, what are they?
Please list the individual(s) and age(s) of the people living at your residence.
Does anyone have a disability or special needs? If so, please explain…
Where did you acquire this dog (ex: Breeder, Stray, Humane Society, Gift)?
How long have you owned this dog?
Do you have a physically fenced in yard?
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Do you have an invisible, electronic, or underground fence system?
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Is your dog create-trained?
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If so, how long is he in a crate each day?
When unsupervised or away, where does your dog stay?
What type of collar(s) does your dog wear?
Buckle Choke Chain Prong Collar Electric Collar Harness Martingale Other - Please specify:
If Other, please explain:
Have you ever used an electronic collar on this dog? If so, please list the behaviors you were trying to address with the e-collar
If any, what type of daily exercises are you able to provide for this dog?
Has this dog ever attended an obedience class at Dog Trainers Workshop? If so, what class?
Has this dog ever attended an obedience class elsewhere?
Is there any important information that we should know about you or your dog? If so, please tell us:
Has this dog intimidated or acted aggressively towards you, another person or animal? If so, please explain…
Has this dog bitten you or another person? If so, please tell us about all of the incidents…
Has this dog bitten another dog or animal? If so, please explain…
If you are walking this dog in the neighborhood and he sees another person and/or dog, how would your dog react?
If this dog has a toy, bone, his meal or any item, does this dog growl, snap or bite you (or any household member) if you attempt to take it away? If so, please explain…
Is this dog allowed on furniture or in your bed? If so, has he ever growled, snap or bitten you while he was on your furniture/bed? If yes, please explain…
In the past, if this dog has acted aggressively or intimidating, what have you tried to correct this behavior?