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Scent Work Training

Scent Work is a Great Way to Bond with Your Dog

$165 for Beginners 8 week Course

$160 for Advanced 8 Week Course

Are you looking for a sport that engages you and your dog both mentally and physically? Scent Work could be the sport for you! Scent Work is a positive, challenging activity that allows dogs the opportunity to use their strongest natural sense in a way that's fun, engaging, and that builds and strengthens a foundation of trust between the handler and the dog. You and your dog will become a real team whether you're preparing for competition or get involved just for fun and exercise.

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                            What is Scent Work?

Scent Work is based on the work for detection dogs such as drug and bomb detection. In Scent Work, we use scents such as Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress and turn it into an exciting sport for the handler and the dog, as they have to work together to find and communicate their hidden scent. There are different levels, challenges, and even titles as you progress. Scent Work allows your dog to enjoy its natural ability and desire to sniff. It’s a rewarding activity for the dog and the handler to continue building that bond and confidence. Scent Work is for all breeds, including mixed breeds dogs, and all levels of handling experience are welcomed.

Our Scent Work course is a structured curriculum, specifically designed for introducing your dog to scent/odor, to reliably detect and alert, and to teach you the skills of handling and communicating as a team. Dogs will be able to apply their odor recognition ability to various venues such as container, buried, interior, and exterior searches. Come join the fun with us!

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Competition is Not Required to Enjoy Scent Work Training!

It is important to note that scent work training is not limited to competitive training. In fact, more of our participants just love to be active with their dog and are interested in learning something new. No matter what your reasoning is, we would love to be able to teach you and your dog the art of scent work. 

In order to participate in the 8-week long class, your dog  must  be at least 6 months of age. Contact our office with any questions you may have and then register for one of our upcoming scent work classes. Don’t forget to complete payment to secure your spot in the class as space is limited. We look forward to training with you soon and having fun!

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We’re proud to be partners with organizations that supply service dogs to people in and around the Fountain Inn area.

Service Dogs for Veterans
After his 4 year enlistment in the US Navy, Bill was discharged as an E-5 and went on to earn a BSME degree on the GI Bill. He then spent 27 years with a Fortune 500 company as a licensed Professional Engineer. Bill began rehabilitating dogs in Pennsylvania in 2005 with the PA Humane League. After moving to Greenville, SC in 2013 he founded Service Dogs for Veterans in 2014 with training partner Connie Cleveland, owner of Dog Trainer's Workshop. This made it possible for Upstate & western NC Veterans to obtain a service dog locally. Learn More
The Service Dog Institute (TSDI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the differently-abled by providing trained service dogs to boost confidence, provide comfort and perform skilled tasks that enable partners to lead more independent lives.  We are proud to have partnered with Dog Trainers Workshop to train all our dogs since 2011.  Dog Trainers Workshop has provided the highest in quality dog training for our service dog program. - Melissa. | Learn More