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Advanced Beginner Class

Advanced Dog Commands Give You More Control and Your Dog More Freedom

$150 for 6 Week Course

Have you ever thought about competing in competitive obedience? Our advanced beginners obedience training class is perfect for pet owners who want to pursue the sport of obedience for both themselves and their dogs. After you take our class, you will be well on your way to teaching your dog the ins and outs of beginner competitive obedience.  

Photo of Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Further Your Dog’s Obedience Skills with an Advanced Beginners Class from Dog Trainers Workshop

The Advanced Beginner Class emphasizes off leash control with introduction to heeling, jumping & much more. With our advanced training, your dog will be able to walk by your side without constantly needing to be corrected. Additionally, you’ll have fun communicating with your dog as you teach them to heel and experience them obey your commands. Training them to jump over obstacles is both entertaining to watch and good exercise for your dog. We can help you with all of this and more in the Advanced Beginner Class.

Pre-requisite for this class is the Intermediate Obedience Class.

In order to ensure your dog has a good foundation of training before moving onto the Advanced Beginner Class, they must first complete the Intermediate Class offered at Dog Trainers Workshop and Boarding.

At the Conclusion of This Course, You Can Expect Your Dog to:

  • Start off leash heeling
  • Jump over obstacles on command
  • And much more!

Please see class application for all upcoming class dates.

*Note: Class fee is non-refundable after first night of class.

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Ask Us About all of our Training Classes

We teach many levels of dog obedience classes. If you would like your dog to be more obedience and a more enjoyable member of the family, one of our classes might be the right fit for you. For more information about our training classes, or for help with any questions you may have, please feel free to contact our office whenever you need us. In the meantime, don’t forget to secure your spot for one of our training classes by registering for the class online. Be sure to also submit payment through our online payment portal, otherwise your registration is not complete. 

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